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Gail Bebee
Canada's Independent Voice on Personal Finance

Personal Finance Speaker and Author

Why I Wrote This Book

When I decided to take control of my money, I spent a lot of time chasing down basic, understandable information on areas of investing I wanted to know about.

Most of the books and many of the web sites on investing that I found, were written for American audiences.  Many of the authors worked in the financial industry and appeared to be promoting certain financial products or services. A good percentage focused on only one topic such as how to buy stocks.

No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money is the book I was searching for and couldn’t find when I decided to take control of my money:

  • An easy-to-read primer of all the investing basics
  • For Canadian investors
  • By an independent author, a financial industry outsider
  • Packed with knowledge gleaned from the author’s actual hands-on experience in the investment trenches
  • Unbiased opinions on the best investment choices for the typical Canadian

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