2023 Feng Shui Tips & Guides on Prosperous Stars - RenerQi (2023)

2023 Feng Shui Tips & Guides on Prosperous Stars - RenerQi (1)

Table Of Contents

  1. 2023 Feng Shui Chart
  2. 2023 Feng Shui Affliction Sectors
    • EAST Sector
    • WEST Sector
    • NORTH-WEST Sector
  3. The Good Stars sector in 2023 Feng Shui setup
    • A : Rat N2 sector
    • B : Gui (N3) with Duke Virtue Combo
    • C : Dragon (SE1) Sun Noble
    • D : Snake (SE3) Sky Horse and Yang Noble
    • E : Horse (S2) Moon Noble
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. 2023 Feng Shui Flying Stars
  6. Contact Me

2023 Feng Shui Chart

As we are embracing the Water Rabbit Year of 2023 here is the 2023 Feng Shui Guides to avoid the bad sectors and activate the Good sectors to gain additional boost in planning your annual Feng Shui energy setup.

Important Note

As you may know Chinese New Year 2023 falls on January 22, 2023 but the actual astrology energy come into influence starting on February 4, 2023. So you still have months to prep for your annual Feng Shui energy setup.

2023 Feng Shui Affliction Sectors

Before you jump into activating the good sectors, we must first be aware and know which are the bad sectors to avoid as shown in this 2023 Feng Shui Affliction Sectors. Sometime by avoiding the negative sectors is the first step in gaining a smoother momentum for your year.

2023 Feng Shui Tips & Guides on Prosperous Stars - RenerQi (2)

All sector which has been highlighted in the chart above shall be remained un-touch, no major renovation or ground-breaking allowed. I would advise you all to perform assessment to checkout if any pipe, wreckage, crack, electrical appliances, or any potential risk and get it fixed before the transition of the energy which will take place from February 4, 2023 until February 3, 2024.

EAST Sector

Overall East sector affected by Flying Star 2 the illness star, therefore not recommended to perform any major activities. If this sector has been your the entrance to your house then remain accessing the door as usual, no door slamming or any strong vibrational activities.

E2 (Rabbit) : Grand-Duke (GD)

Being the Grand-duke, this sector shall remain untouched, no renovation, no major changes. This is due to the main star of Jupiter which emitting the strongest and aggressive energy, if negatively activated this sector it can trigger massive active energy where one can be aggressive, act hastily and highly energetic which subsequently lead towards disruption.

There is also the Yin Nobleman which brings helpful female nobleman in this sector. But we would still avoid activating this sector.

If your house main door is in this sector then please do not slam the door too hard, basically remain with no major changes in this sector throughout the entire year.

E1(Jia) & E3(Yi) Influenced by Facing Sha (FS)

Influenced by Facing Sha, thus not recommend to front-facing towards East direction this year

WEST Sector

West sector(Rooster) this year will be the clashing Grand-Duke (Chung Tai Sui), as the Rabbit will form the three harmony with Goat and Pig zodiac and this formation will create the arrow to clash the SW3, W1, W2, W3 and NW1 sector. Therefore it is not advisable to sit backing the Rooster sector as per diagram below;

2023 Feng Shui Tips & Guides on Prosperous Stars - RenerQi (3)

W2 (Rooster) : Year Breaker (YB)

The Rooster sector is the Year-Breaker and also the Calamity Sha sector which means there shall be no major renovation or ground-breaker for whole year. If your house is sitting or facing the Rooster(W2) or Rabbit(E2), it is not recommended to pursue any renovation work as both direction were highly volatile for the entire year.

Sitting Sha and Year Sha (SH & YS)

Areas from SW3, W1, W2 and NW1 will be affected by the Three-Killing which is one of the major Sha Qi area. Avoid sitting in these sector while looking towards the East direction, as this is what we call the direct clashing the annual sha.


Overall the entire North-west sector were influenced by the Flying Star 5 which is one of the calamity sector where you should keep this sector peacefully without invoking the energy.

NW1 : Yearly Sha

Generally this is one of the negative sector to avoid activating as it is part of 3 Killing sectors with strong sha energy.

NW3 : White Tiger

The White Tiger sector brings aggressive energy which can trigger fight, scar, injury and physical harm.

The Good Stars sector in 2023 Feng Shui setup

2023 Feng Shui Tips & Guides on Prosperous Stars - RenerQi (4)

A : Rat N2 sector

This is one of the best sector to use as this sector has the most auspicious stars.

  • Fortune Virtue : One of the best star to attract abundant of opportunities. Plus together with Flying Star 9, this
  • Prosperity Star : This attract abundant of wealth opportunities therefore be focus in setting up your
  • Peach Blossom : Of course this is one of the best likability star to enhance your personal attraction to increase more opportunity by growing your target audience and widen your network.
  • Punishment : The Rat and Rabbit form the Uncivilized Punishment which brings betrayal, disharmony with people, unhealthy sexual desired. Just make sure you manage well your network, relationship and connection, keep boundary if needed.

B : Gui (N3) with Duke Virtue Combo

This is the Duke Virtue Combo sector which brings good partnership, relationship, collaboration opportunities then this is the sector you can come in, make your phone call and discussion with your potential partners. I would advice you to activate the Nobleman in both SE1, SE3 or S2 to find the potential good benefactor then come to make the call to pursue your partnership plan.

C : Dragon (SE1) Sun Noble

This is one of the best Nobleman sector to activate to gain support to materialize your dream project. This star would also amplify other positive stars.

D : Snake (SE3) Sky Horse and Yang Noble

This is another Nobleman star which brings helpful nobleman to smoothen your process in overcome challenges or hindrance. Together with the Sky Horse star this would bring travel opportunity to meet helpful people or getting deals from abroad to scale up your business/market.

E : Horse (S2) Moon Noble

The Moon noble is another helpful noble person who would lend you a helping hand or support you indirectly, this star mainly known to have attract female nobleman who would support or assist you behind the scene. Therefore you need to be willing to ask around for guides and direction, let more people know what you’re seeking for and who knows, by activating this sector would bring you secret help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below I have compiled the latest Frequently Asked Questions related to 2023 Feng Shui setup and planning. If you have any question please feel free to message me or PM me through social media at the last section.

Where is the wealth sector in 2023 Feng Shui?

North and South sector would be the wealth sector to look out for in 2023 Feng Shui setup.

Can I move into my house/apartment in 2023?

If your house is sitting or facing either the East or West, generally it is not recommended to move in as the aggressive energy from Rabbit and Rooster clashing in these sectors.

Where is the wealth sector in 2023 Feng Shui?

North and South sector would be the wealth sector to look out for in 2023 Feng Shui setup.

How to move into the house sitting or facing East & West in 2023?

You need to engage a Feng Shui practitioner to assess the place you’re moving into, then select the most auspicious date to mitigate the negative impact.

What is the best Feng Shui direction in 2023?

The best direction for Feng Shui in 2023 would be the North and South as both sector consists a lot of good stars.

What if I need to perform renovation or repair works in 2023?

If the renovation or repair work is located in the inauspicious sector (as per above figure) then you need get a proper data selection to activate auspicious sector for protection.

Which zodiac need to lookout for 2023 Feng Shui?

The Ox, Tiger, Snake, Goat, Monkey, and Rooster have to be more cautious of these mentioned Feng Shui Affliction in 2023.

What zodiac are the luckiest in 2023 Feng Shui?

Rabbit, Dog, Goat and Rat are the luckiest sign in 2023. The Rat and Monkey will be back on track towards thriving by activating these sectors.

Which zodiac will get married in 2023?

Those who have the zodiac Rat, Dog, Horse and Goat in their Day Pillar (Bazi Astrology system) will have the higher chance to get married.

Lucky Color for 2023 Feng Shui

When it comes to lucky color, we need to properly match it with the occupant’s overall 5 elements energy. However for a very general lucky color will be soil related color such as Tortilla Brown, Tawny Brown. This is to increase the circulation of the 5 elements based on general 2023 Gui Mao (Water Rabbit).

2023 Feng Shui Flying Stars

In our next article we’ll talk about the annual 2023 Feng Shui Flying Star cures and additional setup to help you plan your upcoming annual flying star and monthly flying star Feng Shui usages. Be sure to bookmark this page and follow me through channel as below;

And if you would need any help in setting up or assessing your 2023 Feng Shui floor plan setup, you may contact me or take a look here.

Contact Me

If you would like learn more or discover a more personalized answer to fit your requirements, feel free to book a session.

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