Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Make A Guts-Inspired Berserker Build For DLC (2024)

Today, we have a Berserker build for you inspired by Guts for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, characterized by nothing but pure power and brutal damage. We’re going to delve into whether this build holds up in PvP fights.

Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Make A Guts-Inspired Berserker Build For DLC (1)

You’re going to be using a few items and weapons in order to stack your Roar damage as high as possible, and then absolutely blitz your enemy with heavy charged R2s. It takes a bit of timing to get charged R2s down because the Ashes of War that you’re going to have on the greatsword is Braggart’s Roar, and that completely changes your heavy R2 moveset.


The first thing we’re going to look at is the talismans because these are very important for how the build actually works. Starting off, we have the Roar Medallion. This is going to enhance Braggard’s Roar by 15%, causing you to increase your damage overall.

In slot number 2, we have the Lord of Blood's Exultation. Because we’ve actually put a blood affinity on the greatsword, this is going to allow you to build up bleed and then proc massive bleed chunks to do devastating damage on your enemies. This is going to increase your attack power by 20% whenever blood loss is in the vicinity.

For our third talisman, we’re using the Axe Talisman. This is going to enhance our charged R2s by 10%. This is also going to stack with a tier we have later on that we’re going to go over in just a bit.

Finally, we’re going to be using the Bull-Goat's Talisman in slot number 4 to raise our poise by 33%. The reason you want this is that you don’t want to be knocked out of the charged R2s, especially after Braggart’s Roar.

Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Make A Guts-Inspired Berserker Build For DLC (2)

The Roar Medallion can be found in Limgrave, early in the game, specifically in the Limgrave Tunnels after defeating the boss. The Lord of Blood’s Exaltation is located in the capital, within theLeyndell Catacombs, post-boss battle. You’ll find the Axe Talisman in the Mistwood Ruins, inside a chest. Lastly, the Bull-Goat's Talisman awaits inCaelid, right within Dragonbarrow Cave.


Now, let's look at the weapons, because you need something to hit your enemies with. First, we are going to be using a Blood Greatsword +25 with Braggart’s Roar. Braggart’s Roar buffs you in a few different ways, allowing you to get +10% physical attack, +10% damage negation for all types, and +20% stamina recovery.

The physical damage is 341 + 349, with a B scaling in strength, D scaling in dexterity, and a D scaling in Arcane because we’ve put that blood affinity on it, allowing us to have that 121 blood loss. Attributes required are 31 strength and 12 dexterity. This weapon can be found right at the beginning of the game within Caelid.

The next weapon we’re using is the Highland Axe, which is just going to be in your offhand. You just have to have it equipped, you don’t even have to use it at all. But the reason we are doing this is that the Highland Axe is going to give us a bonus to our Roar attacks.

In fact, it is going to give us a 10% increase to any Roar attacks, and this is going to stack with the Roar Medallions. You can find this weapon incredibly early in Elden Ring as well, in Stormveil Castle within the Grafted Scion room.

Flask Of Wondrous Physick

Now, as far as ourFlask of Wondrous Physick, we're going to be using theStonebarb Cracked Tearand the Spike Crack Tier, both of which are going to enhance our charged R2s. The Stonebarb Cracked Tear is going to temporarily make stance break easier, allowing your charged R2 to destroy poise and get those critical off faster.

Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Make A Guts-Inspired Berserker Build For DLC (3)

TheSpiked Cracked Tearis going to temporarily boost your charged attack power. This is going to directly stack with the Axe Talisman, allowing us to get around 26% charged attack power damage once we have activated ourFlask of Wondrous Physick.

Armor Sets

In terms of the armor set, we have 2 different combinations for this build. The first is going to be partially the Maliketh's Set, with the gloves and the helm. The second portion is going to be the Night's Cavalry armor with the Night's Cavalry Greaves. Others can be chosen based on the number of Elden Ring Runes you have.


For the buffs of this Berserker build, you're going to be using Flame, Grant Me Strength and Golden Vow. You can use the Frenzied Flame Seal because it has zero weight. Both buffs are going to give you 35% physical damage and 15% damage negation.

Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Make A Guts-Inspired Berserker Build For DLC (2024)
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