Handy Man Takes Advantage of Black Man With Dementia. Then This Happens (2023)


Louise Peterson is taking care of her husband Irving. His recent diagnosis of dementia has been extremely painful for the Peterson family. Despite his declining health, Mr. Peterson is determined to keep enjoying each day to the fullest. However, the household chores and repairs that he used to take care of, he must now hire a handyman to do. One day, while Louise is out running errands, the handyman decides to use Mr. P's impairment to his advantage, and tries to scam the Petersons out of thousands of dollars.

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- Well, I left your medicine on the kitchen, counter.

- My, mind hasn't gone totally.

So, you said that's 1000?, - 1500, sir., - You took advantage of my poor husband.

(mellow string, music) (water rushing) (microwave beeping) Here's, your breakfast.


You need anything: else? - No, I'm, good., Thanks, dear. - Well, I left your medicine on the kitchen, counter.

Be sure to take it as soon as you finish, eating your breakfast.

Okay? - Okay.

I will remember.

My mind, hasn't gone totally.

Well, not yet, anyway. - You're, doing fine.


What the doctor says? Routine is the key to all of this.

Making sure you eat timely, and take your medicine as scheduled.

We're gonna get through this.

We are.

Okay? - Sounds good.

My queen.

I will remember to stick to the routine.

- Great.

- But I do have a request.

- What is that? - Please, no more oatmeal for breakfast.

I swear.

If I have to eat this, every morning, I'll go out to the pool and drown.


- [Wife] Stop it.

- You, hear what I'm saying? - Listen, listen, listen.

You only have to eat this twice: a week.

It's okay.

It's good for you, anyway.

It's, okay, all right?, - If.

You say so.

(doorbell, ringing), Is that the doorbell? Who could that be? - That is probably the handyman, Bobby.

- You mean he's still working in our bathroom? - No.


He finished laying the tile.

I asked him to come back.

'cause I wanted to change out that shower head.

And when he finishes there, I want him to also check the toilet in the spare bathroom.

It keeps running and running and running, so I just wanna get that done.

- [Husband] Yeah.


- All, right. - All right, sounds good. - Hey, listen.

You go ahead and finish up that oatmeal.

I'll check back with you in just a little bit, okay? - Sounds great, dear.

- All right.

(happy string, music) (door, opening), - Hey Bobby, come on in.

- Hey, Miss P, how's, it going? - It's, going great.

- And Mr., P, how's he holding up? - Mr.

P is doing much better.


You for asking.

I appreciate it.

- Good to hear.


What's on the agenda, today? - Well, first of all, I'd like for you to take a look at the shower head.

- Okay., - Shower head seems to be leaking a little bit, keep running, dripping.

- Okay, so- - [Wife] Take, a look at that. - No, worries.

Take, a look at the pipes, and make sure we resolve whatever the issue is.

- Okay, great.

And, then I want you to take a look at the toilet in the guest bathroom.

- Okay.

- It, just runs, just continually: runs.

- Toilet, guest bathroom., Got, it., Okay., What, else?, Anything? - How much.

You think it's gonna cost us? - Well.

That depends on what the repairs are.

So I'll have to look at that.

Then I'll.

Let you know what the cost will.


- Okay, great., Now I, just wanna, make sure our account is paid in full.

We don't- - Oh yeah.

You're good.

Your account's paid in full now.

You're good.

- Okay, great., All, right., Sounds, good., All, right, well.

Let's get to work.

Hey Bobby.

How is it going?? - Good, Miss P.

I'm, almost done here.

I'll be done in a few, and then, yeah.

- Okay.

Hey, I need to run out for a few, so I'll be back in a little bit, okay? - Okay.

I'll be here working or somewhere working.

- All right.

You take care, okay? I'll be back.

- [Handyman], Okay., Thanks.

- Hey honey.

Hey, I gotta go out for a few minutes.


You need anything before I leave? - Nah, I, think I'm good.

- Did.

You remember to take your medicine? - No.

It's still in the kitchen, but I'm going to get up right down and take 'em, okay.

- Listen., It's, 10:00 AM.

You're here watching TV.

What did the doctor.

Say? You must take your medicine on time.

- Yes., Okay., Look, I will get up at the next commercial break, okay.

- All right, man.

- [Husband], All, right. - Listen.


You want something special for dinner? - No, I, can't think of anything, but I'm sure whatever you get, you'll prepare and it will be absolutely delicious.

So you decide. - All, right., Now remember.

Take your medicine after the next break.

Let me.

Do it again.

Remember, take your medicine.

After the next break.

- Got it.

- [Wife] Remember.

- Next, commercial break.

Got it.

Got it.

- You sure? - I'm sure.

- All right.

I'll see you soon.

- [Husband] Bye.

- All right.

(footsteps thudding) (indistinct talking from TV) (suspenseful orchestral music) (intense orchestral music) (husband grunts) - Oh, hey, Mr.


Good to see you back.

- Hey Bobby.


Hey Bobby, this is strange.

Did you happen to see my pills on this napkin when you came in the kitchen? - No, sir, I didn't see any pills.

You probably took 'em already.

- Guess so.

So what are you doing under the sink, man? I thought you were gonna be working in the guest bathroom on the toilet today.

- Oh, your wife said to.

Take a look at the kitchen sink because, apparently, it's leaking.

- Okay.

Sounds good.

- Oh, Miss P, said you'd.

Be able to write me a check for the last time.

I, was here.

- So? What do we owe? You?? -? 500.! -! Okay.! No! Problem.! I'll! Write! You a check right, now. - Much, appreciated., (tense string, music) - Here, you go, Bobby.

- Thanks.


This check is wrong.

It's actually made out for the wrong amount.

- Well.

What do we owe you? - Well, a thousand more because it's 1,500.


You still owe me a thousand.

- Oh, no problem.

I'll write you another check right: now, okay? - [Handyman], Okay. - It's, for..

That's for 1000- - 1500, sir. - Yeah., Oh, yes, right, right. - [Handyman], Yeah. - Sorry., (pen, scratching) Here, you go, man. - All, right., Thank, you.

I'll, go ahead and finish up here and then go over to the guest bathroom and I'll be outta.

Your hair.

- All right.

Thank you, sir.

(husband, grunting) - Checks., That's, checks., That's, weird., Honey, I'm, home.

I have a surprise for you for dinner.

I see you took your meds, but what in the world? Ervin.

Are you okay? Ervin.


Didn't, you hear me? - Oh, hi honey.

- What.

What's going on here? - What? Do you mean? - Your medicine,? It's all empty.


What happened? There? - What! Do you mean? - Ervin, your,? Your medicine, the bottles, are half empty.

What, what.

What happened to all your medicine? - Oh,? Well I took the pills that you set out for me.

This morning.

- And, and, and what is this? I- checks? You- checks? Who-.

Did you write checks? - Well, I gave him a check for today and then I paid him for the money that we owed him from the last visit.

- The last visit we.

Our account was paid in full and he promised me that he would consult me before he charged us any additional fees.

- Are you sure? - I'm, positive.

He, just bamboozled us out of $2,000.

Where in the heck is he? - I, I, don't know.

- Goodness.


Let me go get him.

(footsteps thudding), (tense, orchestral, music), (door, opening) You, stop it.

Stop it right.

Here., - I was just wrapping.


I'm heading out.

I'll, see you next time.

- You're, not moving., I'm gonna call the police on you.

- For what?, Why?, Police?, - You took it advantage of my poor husband.

- Miss Peterson.

I would never do that.

- Can it cupcake.

The jig is over.

Not happening, you hear me? - What.

Are you talking about? - Give me those checks, now.

- Checks? - Oh, oh, you wanna play? You wanna play like that? I'm gonna call the police.

(buttons clicking) - No, no, no, no.

Here, here.

- Mango park, police.

- Here, take- - Oh, my God.

Oh, my god.

- I'm outta here., - You're, not gonna, get away with this.

You're, not gonna, get away with this.

Um hi.

Yes, I'm.

Still here.

I want to report an attempted robbery.

(dramatic string, music).

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