The best toolboxes in 2023 | Expert Reviews (2024)

Keep your tools organised and out of harm’s way in one of our favourite tough, portable toolboxes

Whether you’re a professional, an avid DIY enthusiast or simply someone who occasionally moonlights as the household handyperson, a toolbox is an essential DIY accessory. Invest in the best toolbox that you can afford, and you can ensure that your essential tools and DIY items are safe, well organised and close to hand when you need them most.

It’s easy to underestimate just how useful a toolbox can be. Stock it full of your essential DIY hand tools, hardware and accessories, and you can quickly and easily transport all of them to where you need them most.

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In our experience, that’s a far better option than just jamming all your tools in a drawer and hoping for the best. After all, not having the right implement to hand can turn a quick, easy fix into a pressing emergency – the last thing you want is to be scouring the house for an adjustable wrench when it’s all you need to stem the tide of an unexpected leak.

So why not avoid all the aggravation involved with misplaced tools by getting organised? Here we’ll recommend a range of top-notch toolboxes that will unite all your tools in one safe, convenient place, and ensure they never go AWOL again.

Best toolbox: At a glance

How to choose the best toolbox for you

Aren’t they pretty much all the same?

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the correct toolbox for you. How big a toolbox do you need? How many different sections will you require? How heavy a toolbox can you carry? To that end, do you need a toolbox with wheels? Do you need a toolbox you can lock? And just how durable a toolbox do you need?

The more features you want, the more you’ll need to spend, so have a good think about what’s actually essential.

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Do I need a locking toolbox?

In a word: probably. If you live in a house with young, curious children or you’re going to be using your toolbox while out and about, then definitely. Tools are both expensive and potentially dangerous, so you can’t be too careful.

The simple act of just having a padlock on the front will be enough to protect children from getting their hands on dangerous tools and may be enough to deter some opportunistic thieves.

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The best toolboxes you can buy in 2023

1. Stanley 24 Inch: Best toolbox for everyday home use

Price when reviewed: £28 |Check price at AmazonThe best toolboxes in 2023 | Expert Reviews (1)This Stanley toolbox is a basic but functional and hard-wearing toolbox. It’s made from tough Grade 1 polypropylene plastic and this 24in-wide version provides enough storage space for all the tools, screws and so on that most people will need.

On top, there are two lid organisers, ideal for storing fasteners, fixings and smaller bits of kit such as Allen keys. Inside, there’s a removable tote tray and you can stash larger tools and items in the ample space underneath.

Two metal latches keep the lid firmly closed when not in use, and there’s a hole for you to add your own padlock for extra security. The soft grip handle is comfortable to hold when the box is fully laden, too.

Key specs – Material: Plastic; Removable tote tray: Yes; Size: 28.2 x 28.6 x 60.5cm (HxWxD); Weight: 2.3kg; Lockable: Yes

2. Facom BP. c19 N: Best budget toolbox

Price when reviewed: £19 | Buy now from AmazonThe best toolboxes in 2023 | Expert Reviews (4)Spending £20 on a toolbox might seem like a false economy, but the good-looking and charmingly named BP. c19 N is actually surprisingly robust and well featured.

The Facom is secured with twin locking clasps, and the two lid organisers have two dividers each to accommodate a small selection of nuts and bolts. Under the lid lies a reasonably deep removable tote tray and, as this is the 19in model, there’s enough space beneath for up to 25kg of tools.

A sturdy handle makes it easy to carry from job to job. The one-hand opening system and automatic closing mechanism are a nice touch, and you can secure the lid with a padlock, too.

In short, the Facom BP. c19 N offers a lot of the features of much pricier toolboxes at a considerably lower price.

Key specs – Material: Plastic; Removable tote tray: Yes; Size: 49 x 26 x 25cm (LxWxH); Weight: 1kg; Lockable: No

3. Dirty Pro Tool X-Large Tool Chest Top Cabinet: Best toolbox for mechanics

Price when reviewed: £210 | Check price at AmazonThe best toolboxes in 2023 | Expert Reviews (7)The Dirty Pro Tool X-Large is a rolling treasure-trove of tool storage for both the amateur and professional mechanic alike. This extra-large toolbox is capable of housing just about all the tools you could possibly need within its 14 drawer heavy duty alloy steel build.

The rollcab design allows you to easily roll the unit around on its four lockable heavy-duty castors, and provides oodles of storage space across its generous number of drawers. Both the top and bottom sections are lockable, too, so you needn’t worry about kids of workmates borrowing tools without your knowing.

All the drawers benefit from a ball-bearing slide system that makes them easy to open and close whether empty or completely weighed down with tools, and non-slip mats inside each drawer prevent tools from clattering around when you move the unit. A great option for keen mechanics.

Key specs – Material: Alloy steel; Removable tote tray: No; Size: 114.6cm x 61.6 x 33cm (HxWxD); Weight: 50kg; Lockable: Yes

4. Stanley FatMax Waterproof: Best tough toolbox

Price when reviewed: £31 | Check price at AmazonThe best toolboxes in 2023 | Expert Reviews (10)The Stanley FatMax is a tough, ruggedised toolbox that’s designed to provide oodles of storage and keep your DIY kit safe from sudden downpours.

Available in a range of sizes, this 28in version provides plenty of space for larger tools and – as the name might suggest – it’s completely impervious to rain thanks to an all-round water seal, so even if you’re working outside in all weathers, you can be assured your tools will remain dry. The ergonomic soft-grip handle also does its bit to ensure that you can keep a firm grip in even the worst downpours.

Twin heavy-duty rust-proof metal latches secure the box well, and padlocks can be used on each clasp for added peace of mind. Inside, a removable tote tray is an essential addition for any keen DIYer, and integrated V-grooving on the lid allows you to use the toolbox as a mini workbench for sawing wood and pipes.

Key specs – Material: Plastic; Removable tote tray: Yes; Size: 71 x 28.5 x 30.8cm (LxWxH); Weight: 4kg; Lockable: Yes

The best toolboxes in 2023 | Expert Reviews (2024)
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