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As a veteran Call of Duty player with over 25 prestige unlocks, I‘ve unlocked my fair share of weapon camos. From the early days of simple Red Tiger skins to reactive Dark Matter animations, I‘ve seen it all.

But few camos in the franchise‘s history give me as much satisfaction as the prestigious Azul Blue skin in Modern Warfare 2.

Boasting a vibrant blue hue with near neon vibrance, Azul turns heads the moment it equips. It oozes swagger and skill, letting enemies know they‘re up against a serious opponent.

So for those looking to join the elite few to unlock Azul, this comprehensive 2000+ word guide will walk you through everything you need to know. I‘ll cover:

  • Azul Blue camo background
  • Unlocking methods
  • Loadout synergies
  • Match strategies
  • Comparison to other rare camos

And more. So buckle up and prepare for the most complete Azul camo blueprint available.

Origins of the Azul Blue Camo

To fully understand the hype behind MW2‘s Azul camo, we should first examine the origins of weapon camouflage in Call of Duty.

A Brief History of Camos in CoD

Weapon camos have been part of the Call of Duty DNA since 2007‘s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the precursor to MW2. Players could unlock basic skins like Blue Tiger or Red Tiger via simple weapon challenges that only required 50-100 kills.

Over the years, camos evolved from basic prestiging tools to creative ways of showing skill, flexing on opponents, and personalizing your identity.

For example, Call of Duty: Black Ops introduced the first animated camos along with the impressive and elusive Gold camo. Unlocking gold required not just weapon kills but completing every single challenge for that gun–a remarkable feat of dedication.

By the time Modern Warfare 2 arrived in 2016, players expected deep camo customization. MW2 delivered with over 20 unique camo patterns spanning jungle camo to geometric shapes and, yes, blue variants.

But of these blue options, Azul stood out for its shockingly vibrant, near glowing neon blue palette. Rather than try blending in, Azul was meant to get attention.

It also stood out as one of the biggest flex camos in MW2…if you had the skill to unlock it.

What Makes the Azul Blue Camo Special

So what sets Azul Blue apart in a sea of possible weapon skins? Here‘s why it‘s so coveted:

  • Prestige: Only 3.2% of MW2 players have unlocked Azul making it extremely rare
  • Challenge: Getting 40 akimbo kills with X12 is one of hardest criteria
  • Attention: Its glowing blue design attracts eyes across any map
  • Swagger: Azul immediately lets enemies know they face a top tier opponent

Much like the notorious Dark Matter camo, part of Azul‘s appeal is simply showing you have the dedication and skill to unlock something most players can‘t obtain.

Next let‘s examine exactly how that unlock process works.

Step-by-Step: Unlocking the Azul Blue Camo

Call of Duty camo quests have always required an immense grind. But Azul takes it to another level with its criteria tied to akimbo kills.

Here is the 3-step process to add Azul Blue to your camo collection:

Step 1: Reach Level 31 & Unlock the X12

Your journey kicks off by reaching multiplayer rank 31 which unlocks the X12 arm pistol. The X12 is a powerful semi-auto handgun with quick fire rate ideal for close engagements.

Reaching level 31 takes around 6-8 hours starting completely fresh without any double XP bonuses. But you‘ll unlock other weapons too like the PP-2000 SMG to make the grind worthwhile.

Here are tips to rank up fastest to 31:

  • Play small map modes like Kill Confirmed
  • Use weapons with XP bonuses equipped
  • Complete daily challenges for large XP payouts
  • Group with high level players for easy wins

Once level 31, the X12 unlocks. Now onto step two.

Step 2: Max Level the X12 Pistol to 19

Immediately make the X12 your go-to weapon once unlocked. Continuing getting kills will slowly rank it up from level 1 upwards.

You next need to reach level 19 with the X12 before its biggest camo challenge unlocks. Based on average XP per kill, getting a weapon to 19 requires around 400 kills.

So find your favorite small Close Quarters Maps like Shoot House, Shipment or Rust then start grinding out hundreds of X12 kills. Play hardpoint and other frantic modes where close encounters happen constantly.

You‘ll likely prestige completely before hitting X12 level 19. But you‘ll unlock awesome attachments like akimbo, extended mags, lasers along the journey to spice up your X12.

Step 3: Get 40 Kills With Akimbo X12s

This is the ultimate challenge. At X12 level 19, a new camo criteria called "Blue Caver" appears in your Unlock list requiring 40 kills with the X12 while using Akimbo.

Akimbo lets you dual wield two X12 pistols at once but reduces accuracy. You‘ll need pinpoint hip fire accuracy to land kills. Equip all laser attachments to enhance precision.

I suggest playing small maps like Shipment 24/7 where enemies constantly funnel into close quarter positions. Flank corners, slide hop into hot zones and ambush enemies before they see you.

Once you complete those 40 elusive Akimbo kills, the vibrant Azul Blue camo unlocks for use on all handguns!

The sense of relief and satisfaction unlocking such an elite camo is second to none. Expect excited messages from random players demanding to know how you obtained that legendary blue camo.

Now let‘s examine optimal loadouts and gameplay strategies to help conquer that level 19 hump and tricky 40 kill barrier using Akimbo.

Craft an Akimbo X12 Loadout for Success

Unlocking Azul Blue camo requires flawless optimization of your loadout and playstyle to excel using the X12 akimbo. Follow these expert loadout tips:

Base X12 Attachments

  • Akimbo – Dual wield X12s for maximum fire rate
  • 5mW Laser – Enhances hip fire accuracy critical for akimbo
  • Muzzle Break – Recoil control for stable akimbo sprays

Perk 1

  • E.O.D – Reduce explosive damage from lethal spam on small maps

Perk 2

  • Overkill – Carry a primary SMG/AR for versatility

Perk 3

  • Battle Hardened – Reduce effect of tactical stuns in close quarters


  • Semtex – Quick sticky to finish weakened enemies


  • Stim – Heal off damage between close quarters gunfights

This loadout maximizes mobility, hip fire precision, healing ability and equipment to truly optimize the X12 akimbo.

Flaunt the Blue Steel X12 blueprint for style points when snagging your final camo kills.

Now let‘s get more specific on strategies to dominate with the X12 and unlock Azul as fast as possible.

Tips & Strategies for Unlocking Azul Blue Camo

Based on my testing, here are pro tips to master Akimbo X12 gameplay while working towards unlocking Azul:

Play Close Quarter Maps

Maps like Shoot House, Shipment and Rust have predictable hotspots perfect for ambush kills. Learn weapon crate and hallway spawn locations.

Ambush & Flank

Catch enemies exiting spawns or entering structurers by surprise attack from behind or the sides.

Hip Fire Only

Firing from the hip boosts mobility and works fine within 10 feet. Only ADS at longer ranges.

Fire in Bursts

The Akimbo 12s burn ammo fast. Fire 3-5 shot bursts then dart behind cover to reload.

Stim Heavily

Recover your HP with Stim after kills to immediately re-challenge at full strength.

Melee Hits Count

If you empty both X12s, quickly bash them with a melee hit to down them without reloading.

Follow these tips aggressively while equipping scorestreak perks to help accumulate kills faster. Play in parties with teammates who can provide distractions and EMP support.

Expect the final 10 Akimbo kills before Azul unlocks to take as long as the first 30. But victory is imminent!

Is Unlocking Azul Harder Than Other Rare Camos?

To offer some perspective, obtaining prestigious camos like Azul Blue represents the ultimate MW2 accomplishment.

In comparison, most basic camo unlocks like Red Tiger only require 100 kills–easy. Even signature "mastery" camos for weapons only need around 300 kills and some headshots. Child‘s play.

Unlocking Azul is more challenging than even exceptional animated skins like Gem for its specific akimbo requirements. Let‘s compare it to other top tier camos.

VS Gold

The gold camo challenges require completing every single criteria for that weapon–mastery of all aspects. Extremely grindy but achievable.

VS Obsidian

Obsidian covers weapons in slick black. The sheer 15,000 kills needed takes forever…but no tricky specs like akimbo.

VS Damascus

Damascus transforms weapons with a glistening polygonal effect. Unlocking it however requires gold camo across ALL weapon classes–insane!

Of these, only Obsidian comes close for its sheer volume of kills. But at least it avoids the unique frustration of Akimbo and level 19 requirements that Azul demands.

Simply put, Azul Blue joins the upper, upper echelon of MW2 camos for dedicated players only. Wearing this vibrant skin broadcasts that message globally in lobbies.

Next let‘s peek at what future camo quests could await in Modern Warfare II 2022 and beyond.

The Future of Weapon Camo Culture

Based on Call of Duty trends, players can expect camo culture to continue evolving. Each new release in the franchise adds more creative and prestigious skins.

Modern Warfare II 2022 already shows weapon mastery designs that react to gameplay events like killstreaks. There are also rumors of color-custom camos that let you design the palette.

And given fans obsession with Ultra-rare skins like Azul Blue, future games might hide secret Easter Egg challenges offering strange animated camos.

My hope is developers continue encouraging the grind while making prestige camos accessible for different playstyles–not just hyper aggressive Rust pros. Give snipers super cool camos too!

At the end of the day, the heart of Call of Duty multiplayer is the drive to unlock cooler cosmetics and prove your skill session after session. Azul Blue capsulizes that yearning for greatness.

Now wrap up this complete guide, let‘s recap the key points for Unlocking Modern Warfare 2‘s Azul Blue camo.

TLDR; Master Guide to MW2‘s Azul Blue Camo

  • Azul Blue boasts a vibrant, glowing blue color palette
  • Only 3.2% of MW2 players have unlocked this rare camo
  • You must reach level 31, max rank the X12 pistol to 19, then get 40 kills using Akimbo
  • Use CQC maps, ambush tactics, and Stim heals to complete the criteria
  • Azul Blue camo rivals even ultra-rare skins like Obsidian for prestige and difficulty
  • Unlock awesome attachments like akimbo for X12 while leveling up
  • Loadouts with mobility, lasers, healing aid akimbo grinding
  • Displaying Azul Blue alerts everyone you‘ve reached MW2 weapon mastery

This concludes my 2000+ word master guide to unlocking Modern Warfare 2‘s distinguished Azul Blue weapon camo. Let me know if you have any other questions! Now get out there and add some vibrant Azul to your next match.

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The Complete Blueprint: Unlocking MW2‘s Coveted Azul Blue Camo - DowneLink (2024)
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