What happens to Chief Riddle on Chicago Fire (2023)

Chicago Fire has had a steadfast leader in the form of Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker). He’s been the perfect guy to anchor the colorful and sometimes unwieldy personalities that make up the Firehouse 51 team. As the saying goes, however, all good things must come to an end.


  • Who is going to replace Boden as the new chief?
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  • Who replaces Chief Boden?
  • Why does Boden go to jail?
  • What happens to Chief Boden in Chicago Fire?
  • How does Chief Boden get cleared?

Boden’s tenure as chief has ended, and the character has been promoted tothe prestigious title of Department Deputy District Chief. He will still be a part of the show and the lives of the other firefighters, but he will eventually have to appoint a successor to take over Firehouse 51.

Here’s a rundown of Boden’s best candidate, and whether the perceived frontrunner for the gig, Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), is going to take it over.

Who is going to replace Boden as the new chief?

Casey is the highest-ranking 51 firefighter outside of Boden, and his experiences have allowed him to transform from impulsive hotshot to measured, thoughtful firefighter. He would make a great chief, given his close relationships with the rest of the team, and his emphasis on the well being of 51 as a whole.

Casey’s gung-ho heroism has already been a recent storyline. In the season 10 premiere, a video of Casey saving civilians went viral, and the PR from the story helped to boost the profile of the firehouse. Granted, it was fleeting, but the positive reputation that he was able to muster for the cameras may turn out to be an indicator of the leadership role he eventually takes on.

There are, of course, some complications. Griffin Darden (Cameron Scott Roberts) has reentered Casey’s life and asked for help in re-establishing his life. Casey has promised to take time off from work to visit Griffin and his little brother, which could in turn lead to some difficult decisions. Fans have theorized that the firefighter could walk away from his job, or be temporarily sidelined as he figures out whether to foster parent the Darden boys.

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Showrunner Derek Haas told TV Line that Boden’s departure will be rolled out slowly, so that the process of replacing him doesn’t feel rushed. “Boden cares deeply for the firefighters of Firehouse 51, but he also knows he can make major improvements to the CFD”, he reasoned. “He’ll balance the two.”

Haas’ comments, coupled with Casey’s pending subplots, leads us to believe that Casey won’t be assuming the mantle of 51 chief in the immediate future. It’s a job that seems poised to be his in the future, but the status quo looks as though it will be the same for most of season 10.

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Fredric Lehne has joined the cast of Chicago Fire as a recurring guest star, EW has learned exclusively.

Lehne will play Deputy District Chief Ray Riddle, a gruff, hard charging fire chief above Boden (Eamonn Walker) who is one of a new breed of politically savvy climbers in the CFD. He’s gunning for the top spot of Fire Commissioner, and he doesn’t care if Firehouse 51 ends up as collateral damage in the process.

The actor — whose extensive credits include Lost, Bones and Criminal Minds — joins other season 4 additions Steven R. McQueen as a new candidate, Brian White as the new Squad lieutenant when Severide (Taylor Kinney) is demoted by Riddle, and Rachel Nichols as a love interest for Severide.

Chicago Fire returns Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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Episode Recaps

  • What happens to Chief Riddle on Chicago Fire (1)

    ALL CROPS: CHICAGO FIRE -- "One Hundred" Episode 508 -- Pictured: (l-r) Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz, Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC

    Tuesday night’s episode is no exception, with one firefighter in a bloody situation at the close of the hour. However, the potential death doesn’t happen on the job, but rather at beloved hangout Molly’s!

    After Cruz’ pal Freddie is ousted by Patterson from hanging around the firehouse, Otis and Herrmann take pity and offer him a job at the bar as a busboy. But Herrmann’s repeated ribbing about Freddie’s appearance does not sit well with the temperamental kid, who finally loses it after Herrmann jokes about him looking for short and fat glasses – just like he’s short and fat. Freddie wants his new boss to take it back, but Herrmann thinks he needs to lighten up. So Freddie stabs Herrmann with a steak knife and leaves him in a pool of his own blood as everyone in the bar remains unaware of the horrific scene in the stock room.

    One person who’s also on his way out? Patterson. While Boden awaits the case against him, the controversial captain gets promoted to chief, much to everybody’s dismay. But maybe the tide is turning? After a heroic rescue, Patterson talks to a reporter – that guy really loves a camera, doesn’t he? – and unexpectedly showers the team and Boden with praise.

    Then when the chief is exonerated, Patterson tells Riddle he’s requested a transfer because “this is Boden’s house.” He also makes it clear he’s not a fan of Riddle’s methods anymore.

    “You’ve messed with the wrong guy,” Riddle exclaims. Patterson warns Boden that guys like Riddle tend to have nine lives, so keep an eye open.

    Elsewhere in the episode:

    * With Boden back in charge, Severide is reinstated.

    What happens to Chief Riddle on Chicago Fire (2)

    * Casey advises Jimmy to cool it with Chili to keep things smooth sailing in the firehouse. After Patterson catches the twosome in the shower and gives them a stern warning, Jimmy tries to cut things off with Chili. She is not a fan of that idea, to put it mildly.

    * A string of suspicious incidents that would discredit Firehouse 51’s finest tie back to Rodger Maddox, and everything leads to Serena, the troublemaker currently wrecking Boden’s life. So Severide takes it upon himself to find her, with an assist from Chicago P.D.’s Atwater and Ruzek and, shockingly, a helpful tip from ex Jamie.

    * Being sweet on Sylvie himself, Otis goes digging into Austin’s past to try to find something to discourage the paramedic from dating the smooth operator. He discovers that Austin was charged for breaking and entering —but it was just a case of pool hoping, Austin confesses to Sylvie on their date. (Sorry, Otis.)

    * Dawson loses her cool during a rescue when some onlookers make sexist comments. Unfortunately for her, it gets captured on camera and is broadcast on the local news. And the guys who made the lewd remarks? They were hired by Maddox to harass Dawson.

    Chicago Fire fans, what did you think of the episode? Grade it via the poll below, then weigh in on Herrmann’s fate in the comments!

    Who replaces Chief Boden?

    Patterson initially started off as the replacement officer for Severide but was promoted to Chief after Boden's arrest. Patterson was promoted to Chief of Battalion 25 by Chief Riddle originally until Boden's return.

    Why does Boden go to jail?

    GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- The ex-leader of the now-defunct The Geek Group has been ordered to prison for illegal Bitcoin trading that investigators say involved money laundering. Christopher Boden, 46, was sentenced Friday, Feb.

    What happens to Chief Boden in Chicago Fire?

    Season 10. In Mayday, Wallace Boden has been promoted to Deputy District Chief of District 4. In Two Hundred, the District office has now been moved to Firehouse 51. Previously, it was Firehouse 82 before it closed, causing Firehouse 90 taking its place.

    How does Chief Boden get cleared?

    Finding the woman who set Boden up, police get her to turn against the builder hoping to ruin the chief and Boden is exonerated.


What happens to Chief Riddle in Chicago Fire? ›

His district command position is unknown from Season 4, Episode 1 to Season 4, Episode 9. At the end of Season 4, Episode 9, Chief Paterson reports to Firehouse 51 that Chief Riddle will be transferred to District 6/Airport Operations.

How does Chief Boden get cleared? ›

Intelligence finds the woman who accused Boden and she is taken to interrogation, where Boden is present. This is revealed to be a good choice, as she reveals Maddox paid her to frame Boden and was going to get her out of the country later.

Why does Chief Boden go to jail? ›

Chief Boden was accused of home invasion and assault by Serena, his neighbor, after she requested his help to force entry into her apartment.

What happens with Chief Boden and Serena? ›

She was hired by Roger Maddox to frame Boden for assault in order to deface him for an upcoming trial. She later hit the road and hid out at a resort in Lake Carlyle. She recanted her statement later on and was arrested for false incrimination and accepting bribes.

Did Chief Boden get fired? ›

Is Boden leaving in Chicago Fire season 11? There is some excellent news for those who need more Boden on their screens. There are no signs that Walker is leaving the series during the new season. During the 10th season, we did see some changes for the firehouse.

Does Chief Boden get replaced on Chicago Fire? ›

Eamonn Walker's Wallace Boden is definitely returning. We didn't think anything otherwise, but there is always that collective sigh of relief when we learn our favorite characters are coming back. Boden has seen some major changes in his career in recent seasons.

Who replaced Chief Boden? ›

Interim Chief Pat Pridgen (guest star Matthew Del Negro) is brought over to temporarily fill in for Boden (Eamonn Walker), who is left to tend to his personal affairs. When tension is sparked as the result of his derisive leadership, the absence of Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) becomes all too apparent.

Why did Chief Boden resign? ›

At home with his mom and Ali, Torey gets some bad news: Mrs. Adams tells the kids that Bo made a mistake and told Chief Bowen that Renee knew about his affair. This was such shocking and terrible news that Bowen punched Bo a bunch of times, and since other officers saw this go down, he then quit his job.

What episode does Chief Boden get exonerated? ›

Boden was exonerated, Patterson chose the right side, Severide got his rank back, and everything was wrapped up in a nice, neat little bow on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 9.

How does Boden get out of jail? ›

Finding the woman who set Boden up, police get her to turn against the builder hoping to ruin the chief and Boden is exonerated.

Does Chief Boden leave Firehouse 51? ›

Watch One Chicago on fuboTV: Watch over 67 live sports and entertainment channels with a 7-day FREE trial! In accepting the deputy district chief, Boden will have the chance to make an even larger impact within the CFD and the good news is that he won't be going anywhere as Eamonn Walker is not leaving the show.

Who is Chief Boden's son? ›

Chief Boden re-connected with his father after the birth of his own son, Terrence, as part of a compelling four-episode arc that began with in Season 3, Episode 11 ("Let Him Die").

Does Chief Boden return to 51? ›

Chief Pridgen gets relieved of his position, right before he asks Welch to leave for not lying for him, leaving Boden a chance to return to 51 sooner. Boden returns to Firehouse 51 following his absence from the department to take care of his new child and his late father's personal affairs.

What happens to Boden in season 10? ›

Boden makes the decision to take the promotion as the new deputy District chief. Herrmann breaks protocol when it comes to a child victim and he worries that he might get suspended or worse. Ultimately, it is Brett who takes the blame. Mouch sets up a community library at the firehouse.

What happens to Donna and Boden? ›

While still gun-shy about commitment, Boden overcomes this reluctance and proposes to Donna, with their subsequent marriage taking place in the Season 2 finale.

Why did Chief leave Chicago Fire? ›

Unfortunately, the reason Hawkins got the boot was because the writers wanted to throw fans off-guard and hit them with a tragedy that reminds us how dangerous firefighting can be.

Does the chief have a baby in Chicago Fire? ›

Terrance Boden is the son of Wallace Boden and Donna Boden.

Who dies in season 6 episode 21 of Chicago Fire? ›

The fire is extinguished with water by firefighters, who find Colannino, but are unable to save him. Colannino dies in the line of duty, surrounded by Casey and the other firefighters.

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