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No Hype - The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money


by Gail Bebee

Just a quick email to let you know that I just finished reading your book and found it extremely well written, easy to understand and totally helpful for the average Joe like myself who are trying to find their ways through the mass publications on personal finance. Thanks a million!!!
YM, Embrun

Yours is simply a “must own” book.

BF, Vancouver

It's the first book I can understand about investing and is 20 years overdue for me!!!

GS, Toronto

For those who wonder why to buy this stock or that mutual fund, this [book] is a must read, maybe more than The Wealthy Barber.

GA, Bowmanville

...your book is the ONLY investment book that I have ever read that I want to immediately re-read. Most investment material makes me sleepy... but yours kept me awake!!

LD, Marathon

I always find myself referencing it [your book]. Great book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge/wisdom.

MH, Toronto

Thank you for this great book! We have learned so much – we would like to pass this valuable information on to our kids.

Note enclosed with an order for four more copies of Gail’s book

The book was exceptional! The author provides outstanding clarity and simplicity in writing about this complex financial topic. It’s highly informative and provides usable information...that’s what I loved about her book! She provides an unbiased and outstanding broad overview on investing from a totally objective perspective.

This book helped to further enhance my knowledge and confidence in cutting through much of the investment-industry hype, to ensure I was asking my Financial Advisor all the right questions to feel in control of my own financial portfolio. Her insights on lowering the costs of services related to managing one’s investments were also exceptionally worthwhile to learn about.

Gail Voisin, Executive Leadership Development & Lifestyle Management Coach

We have one member [in our investment club] who is using your book like a "bible" to learn the ins and outs of financial planning as she has a husband with a serious illness.

BS, Victoria

No Hype is sound, credible and most useful. Besides being a comprehensive and easy-to-understand investment primer, it stresses the importance of empowering oneself through self-education and independent thinking—essential to managing (or thwarting) the risks and conflicts of interest inherent in today's market.

Simply frank and relevant, I can't see how anyone would not appreciate your book.”

PJ, Toronto

A very good beginning reference book about the money world. I need to reread it.

PYW, Saskatoon

I would like to order ten more copies. Everyone in my investment club wants a copy.

BC, Victoria

Your book is really helping me towards managing my money more effectively.

MR, Member of a Toronto investment club

I found your book 'No Hype' to be very helpful in my quest for investing knowledge and refer to it often.

CK, Kitchener


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