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Gail Bebee
Canada's Independent Voice on Personal Finance

Personal Finance Speaker and Author


Canadian MoneySaver, June 2011 Review by John Prescott

The Financial Post, Feb 28/09 Trouble in Boomerland

The Globe and Mail, Feb 18/09 Do it yourself (investing) - or not?

Financial Blog Million Dollar Journey Building Wealth through Saving and Investing reviewed Gail’s book here.

Canadianfundwatch.com reviewed Gail’s book. Click here to read.

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Globe and Mail columnist Tony Martin profiled Gail in his Me and My Money column in an article entitled "The straight goods on this retiree's methods". (Click here to read more)


Gail talked to Globe Investor magazine about how to find a good advisor:

“...While financial advisors can help investors achieve balance, Gail Bebee, author of No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money, says there are several tips for other industry outsiders to consider when working with an advisor, as well as some points to keep in mind if you decide to go it alone.” (Click here for the complete article).


Daiene Vernile host of ProvinceWide interviewed Gail on March 2, 2008 about her investing ideas and her new book. The current affairs television show, ProvinceWide, is featured on CTV Southwestern Ontario.

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Gail spoke to David Gray, host of CBC’s The Business Network on February 19, 2008.


An industry outsider takes on Bay Street

“Gail Bebee is a financial industry outsider who has self-published a book that novice and not-so-novice Canadian investors can benefit from. It’s called No Hype - The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money and that’s a pretty accurate description.”
Jonathan Chevreau The Wealthy Boomer (Complete review and interview with Gail here)

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A crisp and concise investment primer

“It’s a good, comprehensive overview -- written in a crisp and concise way. She knows her topic well, as might be expected from someone familiar with the rigors of university learning (she has an undergraduate degree in science and a graduate degree in engineering). Even for more experienced investors, it could be a handy reference guide to have in the home library to serve as a reminder of the basic things one needs to keep in mind about investing.”
Larry MacDonald.

Canadian Capitalist
A Canadian Personal Finance Weblog

“A newbie investor would find the book invaluable as no prior familiarity with investing is assumed. Ms. Bebee starts with the basics (rule of 72, compounding etc.), talks about service providers such as financial advisors, progresses to asset classes, dishes out the dirt on cash, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs etc. and finally discusses RRSPs, RESPs and model portfolios.” (Complete review here)

Canadian Financial DIY

“The writing style is accessible and understandable, the explanations straightforward and simple. It will appeal to those like my wife whose eyes glaze over at long-winded explanations, who say ‘never mind all the background, just tell me what to do’.” (Complete review here)


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